Dental Emergencies

At Heart of Vinings Dentistry in Atlanta, we can truly understand what a frustrating time a dental emergency can be. In addition to the discomfort, finding immediate treatment can be another annoying task.

We are committed to addressing dental emergencies as soon as we can. We make sure, every day, to allow time in our schedule to address sudden emergencies. If, for some unexpected reason, it is impossible for us to see you in time, we work with a dedicated team of specialists to make sure you are in the best hands!

Until we can see you…

Dr. Patel strives to address any emergency as soon as possible. Until you can come see him, taking proper precautions can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

Important note: Call 911 or visit an emergency room immediately if you have been in an accident that causes injury to the head or neck.

Severe Tooth Pain

A sudden, severe toothache can mean that a serious problem is developing and that your tooth needs to be tended to as soon as possible. Possible causes for this pain can be decayed, broken, or cracked teeth or advanced gum disease.

A bump on the gums below a tooth is an indication that a tooth maybe abscessed and a root canal may be needed to clean the infection out. Sometimes, you may get a foul taste/smell due to this.

If you are noticing any swelling or tenderness, please let our office know when you first call so we can prescribe you the necessary medications before you can come in to our office.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Your tooth is on a limited timeline once it is knocked out. Prompt action on your part is necessary to ensure the odds of saving a knocked-out tooth. Avoid touching the root of the tooth (yellower part). Gently wash it with warm water. DO NOT scrub or brush anything off of the tooth because we don’t want to disturb any attached tissues.

You can try to GENTLY place the tooth back in the socket, but DO NOT force it. If this isn’t possible, DO NOT let the tooth dry out. Place it in a cup of MILK or warm water until you can get to our office.

Broken Tooth

Warm water or a non-alcohol based mouthwash can help clean the area out. If you are feeling discomfort, a cold rag on and off every 20 minutes can help reduce any swelling.

Lost Filling or Crown

A missing filling or crown can cause severe problems with the tooth if it is not tended to immediately. It can not only cause pain, but also weaken the tooth and cause it to crack. Please call our office immediately to avoid further damage to the tooth.

Quick, Professional Treatment

Our dental team is here to make sure you receive the best treatment possible to maintain optimal oral health. Prompt treatment is crucial. Please call our Vinings dental office as soon as you or anyone in your family experiences a dental emergency.

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