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Will my insurance pay for my treatment?

During your new patient appointment, Dr. Patel will do a very thorough exam. Also, he will take any necessary radiographs and photos and will review these with you. Afterwards, our team will help customize a treatment plan for you. Often, insurance companies cover a portion of this visit. **

**We do not know in advance what services (if any) YOUR insurance company will cover. We can only guess based on what other patients’ insurance companies have done in the past. All insurance companies (as well as the hundreds of different plans within each individual insurance company) vary on what they will or will not cover. We will provide you with our best estimate before beginning treatment. It is, ultimately, your responsibility to fulfill any balance that your insurance did not cover.

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We are happy to announce that, as of May 18, 2020, we have begun seeing patients. We have implemented many safety protocols according to guidance and recommendations of the CDC and American Dental Association. For more details, please visit our Instragram or Facebook page. Also, we are now scheduling your cleaning visits online using this Link. If you have further questions, please call us at 678.355.8980. We look forward to seeing you again!